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My name is Kimberly Kersey, I am a junior, currently working on my Bachelor’s Degree. My major is Computer Networking. Where am I at in my educational goals, I believe I have accomplished one goal when I received my associates degree, working on second educational goal to receive bachelor’s degree in 2013.

What is your major?

My major is Computer Science for Computer Networking and Security.

My three goals for this course are to first pass the class with an A, second goal is to learn how to communicate effectively and become a better writer, third goal is to learn how to email more professional when applying for jobs or answering a supervisor email.

Where are you at in your educational goals?

My educational goals have been accomplished so far,  one goal was accomplished when I received my associates degree from Henry Ford Community College. My second educational goal is to receive bachelor’s degree in 2013. My dream job is to work for Dell and or Hewlett Packard in the Networking and Security Departments for Technology. I have been back and forth working on my bachelor’s degree which began at Eastern Michigan University then Baker College, now Davenport University.

Why is technical communication important in your field or career?

Technical communication is very important in my technical career and field. Cell Phones are a must in the technology world because of texting and mutimedia messaging. Also blogging and networking thru social media and professional circles are a must to keep up with communicating to other professionals on linked in and facebook. Technology changes around the clock daily and technology is constantly growing. Communication is important for all careers in society. Emails have been an effective tool for decades to send and receive messages, fax messaging is another way to communicate and using a message board. When I worked in the IT field, we managed to use emails and a message board which was linked with windows live messenger and yahoo. Also when clients called in to the helpdesk a message would be played on the message line to let the users know that the network was down or applications would not be up and running for several hours.



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