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Blog #2

  1. Why should I hire you (skill set)?

I should be hired because of my technical skill sets, customer service, trouble shooting, and knowledge of various software. I can bring professionalism and expertise to the company and 11 years experience of working in the IT Field. I received my training with help desk and desktop support from my first Co-Op position that was on campus with Henry Ford Community College, I supported the faculty computers and software along with the printers. I feel I should I be hired since I know how to navigate with wireless support, hardware, software and network connectivity.

2. How has your education prepared you for your career?

My education has prepared me to go out in the field to work with various companies to show what I can do and what I have learned thru the 11 years of learning and training. I took a lot of programming and networking courses to allow me to work in IT as a systems analyst, helpdesk analyst and desktop analyst. I am able to put a system together and setup a client for the first time by installing the software and connecting the network cables so the client can login and connect to the network. Configure systems for a remote user who wants to work from home connecting via wireless.

3. Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or professor?

I have never had a conflict with a boss or a professor. I always remain professional and respectful for people in leadership. Conflict leads to major issues and problems, while trying to advance in your career goals. Having conflict with the boss can cause you to not being promoted but demoted or moved to another department where the working conditions can be a lot worse. Conflict with a boss and a professor can bring the morale down in a company and the classroom, causing other students and coworkers to become frustrated while trying to work on future goals and advancement.

4. Are you a team player?

I am a team player, being a team player is very important when working on group projects for school or in the workplace. Working on various projects in school is important to be a team player, so the team can get a passing grade. It is important to be effective as a team player in a project or group, learning how to work in a group setting and getting along with group members. Some jobs and classes require working on projects and group papers which teaches you how to be an effective team player and knowing how to work with people from all cultures.



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