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Constructive Criticism

When is a time you had to either provide or receive constructive criticism?

I received constructive criticism on various occasions while working on helpdesk positions. I was a helpdesk technician for Citizens Bank and received criticism on how I could talk to the clients more on the phone and not leave dead air while I am researching the issue. Keep the conversation ongoing so they would know they are not being ignored.

What was the situation?

The situation was to talk to the clients on how they were enjoying the day, did they like the weather, keep the conversation flowing so they can feel at ease to get assistance with a problem they were having with the software or computer systems.

What was the outcome?

The outcome was I began to talk more freely to the customers that called into the helpdesk and made a lot of friends over the phone. The same clients would always call and I would know who they were and would have a great conversation while assisting them with password resets, printer issues and network connectivity.

What would you do differently?

I would let myself know I am confident enough to give the best customer service I can provide to the clients and also assist them with their issues at the same time. I would carry out more conversations to get to know them a little more and not help them with their issue to get them off the phone.



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