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Blog #4: What is Service Learning?

Service learning is teaching and learning a strategy that displays meaningful community service to teach responsibility and to strengthen communities. People can learn use what they have learned in school to solve real-life problems and can contribute to the community from what they have learned. Service learning can be applied with schools, universities, and community faith-based organizations. This can help people build character to become active participants when working with others in the community and environment. Service learning is another tool for volunteering. Volunteers can work at a hospital to read to sick children and visit the elderly and help with natural disasters to those who are in need of clothing, shelter and food. Our service learning project is to assist with a domestic violence shelter in Pontiac, MI.

What are your expectations along with any apprehensions you have about this project?

Our expectation with this project is to overall do something good for our community. There are so many young women who have experienced domestic violence and feel like they have no one to turn to. Our group is to make a positive impact and set examples on the fact that there are healthy normal relationships. Our apprehensions on this project is for families to come forth and participate by sending donations and preparing care packages for the women at the shelter. As a group we are concerned about spreading awareness for domestic violence and to make sure we are heard and it is not ignored. As a group we are fighting for change in all unhealthy relationships.

What skills will transfer over to your current or future career?

The skills that I believe will support my current or future career are the communication, organizational and professional skills.

Having the opportunity to serve the community is in my opinion one of the greatest experiences ever. With the acquired knowledge I’m expected to obtain, I feel that it will enable me to upgrade my communication skills in the business arena when it comes to building long lasting relationships that will bring about constant partnership.

Also this experience will improve my organizational habits, such as being consistent with accomplishing assignments in a timely fashion. This added skill also prepares your company or future career for success that you deserve.

The professional skill is an important aspect for success. For example, when doing business or going for an interview and knowing how to represent yourself professionally improves your chances of working in your desired career.



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