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Blog #4: What is Service Learning?

Service learning is teaching and learning a strategy that displays meaningful community service to teach responsibility and to strengthen communities. People can learn use what they have learned in school to solve real-life problems and can contribute to the community from what they have learned. Service learning can be applied with schools, universities, and community … Continue reading

Constructive Criticism

When is a time you had to either provide or receive constructive criticism? I received constructive criticism on various occasions while working on helpdesk positions. I was a helpdesk technician for Citizens Bank and received criticism on how I could talk to the clients more on the phone and not leave dead air while I … Continue reading

Blog # 3

What is the role of constructive criticism in the workplace? The role of criticism in the workplace is done by a Manager and Supervisor. The purpose of criticism in the workplace is for an employee to learn a job better and do the task correctly if the same issue arose again. Sometimes coworkers can try … Continue reading

Blog #2

Why should I hire you (skill set)? I should be hired because of my technical skill sets, customer service, trouble shooting, and knowledge of various software. I can bring professionalism and expertise to the company and 11 years experience of working in the IT Field. I received my training with help desk and desktop support … Continue reading

Kimberly’s World

My name is Kimberly Kersey, I am a junior, currently working on my Bachelor’s Degree. My major is Computer Networking. Where am I at in my educational goals, I believe I have accomplished one goal when I received my associates degree, working on second educational goal to receive bachelor’s degree in 2013. What is your … Continue reading